Everyday Moments

With a new brand redesign came a desire to a new anthem-type video, originally meant more to fire-up Skype employees than be something for public consumption. We didn't go so far as to change the logo, it wasn't that deep a redesign, but almost everything else was tweaked to some degree.


The new brand was rooted in authenticity, so we tried to minimize casting proper actors for the video. Instead we relied on friends and family where we could (including bribing with cake when necessary). To save on costs we didn't partner with one of our normal ad agencies, and instead ran the project directly with a production house. We shot in Tokyo, Rio and the SF Bay Area. It was all shot in a matter of weeks.


The video was eventually released onto the Interwebs. While not a proper campaign, it was a pretty big undertaking for the creative team. It solidified what we were trying to do - look, sound & feel-wise - to the rest of the company (those wacky designer-types!) We captured the call POV from a device camera. We went outside, which was a big deal. We wanted to move  beyond a static desk call. We had motion, got up close to the UI.


The piece won an award from Microsoft Studios. Some of the footage we shot would also find itself in subsequent (usually very rushed) projects. It was fun, and I think got us in the right head-space for future work.


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