Fire(fly) me to the moon

A colleague of mine called me up out of the blue one day, she needed some UI contract work done. She was at Firefly mobile, they were the guys making the tiny, simple (GSM) phones for kids. At least I think they were for kids. Kids and people who hated buttons maybe?


They were all good on the hardware side of things, but needed help with the software. What made it really interesting was they were targeting their new upcoming model/platform towards tweens (which, back then, was a new market). They needed software to not only get stuff onto the phone, but help parents manage the devices (and content) as well. This was back in the days when folks had to use desktop software to manage content on their phones. (Shudder!)


Definitely a balancing act. I wanted to keep everything in a single piece of software (versus a kid's app and parents admin app, which might only seem more divisive). My hope was to make the device a point of conversation between the child and parent, bringing them together in fun, sharable, spontaneous ways.


The screens below are wireframes. The colorful, but very much placeholder iconography used was by the insanely talented David Lanham.


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