Skype for Business

Microsoft announced that their Lync platform was becoming Skype for Business. In the early phases, the technology behind the scenes was going to Lync, but the user experience was upgraded to be closer to Skype. The product was also going to be more deeply integrated into Office, so features like IM and presence, voice and video calling and scheduling online meetings would be a click away.

Part of the announcement required a video, which we pulled together quickly (re-purposing as much found footage as we could get our hands on). We weren't showing any final product yet (those videos were to come later), since everything was still being developed.


After Skype for Business started rolling out, Skype Meetings also made an appearance. It was a more streamlined offering, built on the same tech, but focused specifically around online meetings. The product was aimed at small businesses who might not need the full feature set of Skype for Business (though if you did, you could upgrade). Our team was  responsible for the Skype Meetings launch assets, including the creation of an introductory video and set on-boarding emails (below).


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