Skype Qik

Microsoft went through a phase where they thought they needed to make a bunch of "snackable apps" - single purpose, mobile-based, applications. A mountain of them. Said mountain fell onto Skype. Our product design team was challenged to re-envision how Skype might look if it had started as a mobile app (vs. desktop peer-to-peer).


We designed a  new brand identity for Qik, since it was aimed at a younger, more active user. We also developed new visual assets for launch, that were used by ad and social agencies in subsequent campaigns (when the US launch made its way over to Russia).


The one very cool thing about this shoot was the casting. Instead of getting individuals, we casts groups of actual friends. We wanted chemistry, spontaneity, and just being able to hang out and have it feel natural. I think it was a first for everyone involved in production and we all agreed it should be something we should do more often.


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