The things we can do

Skype’s largest marketing campaign, ”The things we can do”, focused on some of the extraordinary ways people use Skype to stay connected in their everyday lives. Original content was shot for the English, Spanish and Russian markets.


The first vignette we shot, “Turning the Tide”, followed Anna Therese Day and Gianluca Panella, a reporter/photojournalist couple, covering the impact of rising sea levels in the Pacific nation of Kiribati.


The second spot was shot in Moscow (in the dead of winter) featuring a pet detective. Valeriy Sugrobov used to be a police officer, but now uses his talents, and Skype, to find missing pets.

The last installment was filmed in Oaxaca and Mexico City, about a Triqui youth basketball team. The kids stay in touch with their families and teachers while on the road.

While the campaign was started with the above documentary-style pieces, we also shot a larger set of shorts we called "Skype solves", little scripted stories, many of which were based on things our users, coworkers, families and friends  had told us about.  We had examples of a traveling parent reading a bedtime story to their child, picking out clothes, even jamming to a song together. It was a ton of content that we were able to weave into the campaign site, emails, banners, social posts & partner content.

Campaign highlights

• 7.8 billion paid impressions

• Up to 77% open rate in emails

• 110 million video views

• 1.5 million CUs in 1 month

• 2-4% uplift in usage study


One Show: Branded Entertainment, Gold 2016

London Intl Awards: Best Documentary, Gold 2015

Shots Awards: Branded Content 2015

AICP Awards: Product Integration 2015

One Screen Film Festival: Best Direction 2015


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